Special tools engineer

issuing time: 2013-12-02
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Job responsibilities:

1. Conscientiously implement the HSE management and operation manual of customers and our company, and do a good job of on-site safety production;

2. Responsible for on-site promotion and application of special tools such as drilling downhole acceleration; To implement and urge the implementation of all technical instructions and safety technical measures;

3. Responsible for on-site acceptance inspection of special tools and improvement of on-site construction design; Preparation of drawings of various special tools before entering the well;

4. Be responsible for the construction guidance, use management, inspection and maintenance of special tools, and assist in dealing with the complex underground situation and the hidden danger of underground accidents;

5. Responsible for communicating with users, and timely reporting on-site use information and market demand information to the supervisor;

6. Responsible for timely analysis, improvement and report of tool use effect;

7. Responsible for other work assigned by the director of the tool department.


1. College degree or above in petroleum engineering or other related majors;

2. At least 5 years field working experience in oil drilling engineering, international working experience is preferred;

3. Directional drilling background is preferred;

4. Can communicate in daily English and fill in the report in English;

5. Good communication and interpersonal skills; Able to adapt to different working environments;

6. Familiar with office software system;

7. I am dedicated, can bear hardships and stand hard work, and can adapt to strong work pressure.

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