Salvage engineer

issuing time: 2013-12-02
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Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for on-site salvage;

2. Responsible for communicating salvage tools, technology and material preparation;

3. Report the salvage plan and summary;

4. Responsible for salvage training;

5. Work temporarily arranged by the leader and party a.


1. At least 7 years relevant working experience, foreign company working experience is preferred;

2. Proficient in English in writing construction design and communication;

3. Major in petroleum and machinery, understand the basic process of petroleum production and the production and operation of oil field;

4. Proficient in the structural dimensions, working principles, operating procedures and matters needing attention of various downhole tools;

5. Familiar with basic engineering theories of completion, drilling, repairing and production increase measures;

6. Knowledge of geology, oil reservoir and oil and gas production;

7. Understand well repairing technology and integrated operation of supporting tools;

8. Master the procedures and principles of major repair and salvage operations;

9. Proficient in using sleeve milling shoes, grinding shoes and section milling tools, hydraulic cutting and mechanical cutting tools, understand tools and their working principles;

10. Proficient in the use method, size coordination and relative advantages and disadvantages of internal and external dredge;

11. Familiar with other types of routine and unconventional working principles and usage methods of different working environments;

12. Rich experience in field salvage operations;

13. Proficient in Office software.

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