Engineering Technology Services

Project Description
  1. Technical support for land and sea engineering

  2. Technical consultant on land and sea engineering

  3. Engineering documentation consultant

  4. Engineering design

   Safety engineering:

  • Safety layout

  • Data sheet and specification for fire safety equipment

   Process engineering:

  • Input material selection

  • Equipment dimension calculation

  • Equipment and instrument data sheet

  • Pipeline dimensions and hydraulic calculations

  • Pressure relief valve and control valve dimensions

  • Torch and air

   Mechanical engineering:

  • Prepare detailed project deliverables

  • Equipment purchase order

  • Data sheet of mechanical equipment

  • Equipment list, mechanical technical specifications of general specifications

  • Special specifications of equipment, etc

  • Prepare equipment requisition and technical acquisition package documents

  • Prepare the review report of technical tender and update of procurement package documents

  • Review and verify the documentation of key suppliers

  • Incorporating key supplier data into the design

  • Materials processing research

  • Procurement technical support

  • Develop mechanical equipment list for project use,

  • Develop preliminary design of heating ventilation and air conditioning

   Pipeline engineering and layout design:

  • Pipe specification

  • Calculation of pipe strength

  • Factory layout

  • Special pipeline project

   Electrical engineering and design:

  • Data sheets and specifications

  • Danger zone design

  • Electrical equipment room

  • Heating requirements

  • Overall electrical lighting design includes ladder layout, cabling and equipment location.

  • Cable, lighting brightness, and ground system calculations.

  • Preparation of system block diagram, cable list, and terminal schematic diagram

  • Procurement technical support

   Civil/structural engineering:

  • Steel structure design

  • Civil engineering design

  • Specification for structural materials, manufacturing and welding

  • Evaluation of transportation, installation and hoisting

  • Design calculation

  • Design report


  • Data sheet and technical specification

  • Instrument cable

  • Meter connection

  • Purchasing technical support

  • Telecommunication data sheet and specification

  • Telecommunication equipment list

  • Telecommunication cable meter


  • System diagram

  • Cable layout and routing drawings

  • Internal connection diagram

  • Grounding diagram

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