Directional Services

Project Description

PPBosun's Directional Drilling Department was established in December 2014, it already provided high quality directional drilling services including of 20+ horizontal wells and 30+ directional wells for HESS, Weatherford, CNOOC, Sinopec, CNPC, GWDC, etc., since its establishment, among which there are cluster wells, multi-target wells, ERW, and conventional directional wells. PPBosun Directional Drilling Department has been highly appraised by costumers through its excellent technical and operational level, good HSE performance and high qualified and effective operational achievement.

There are more than 20 staff and 10 sets of all kinds of directional tools in the department so far. All staff has bachelor or higher degree, all of them have gained rich working experience and comprehensive knowledge, and most of them have years of working experience in international well-known oilfield service company. They are competent for both domestic and international operation requirement due to their comprehensive techniques and strong English communication capability.


PPB became the sole agent for NOV’s RSS. Now we have 6-3/4”and 4-3/4”RSS available to provide service for clients.

PPBosun owns many kinds of imported and domestic directional drilling tools to meet different customers and market requests as follows:

  • Conventional MWD(Slimpulse, Positive and Negative pulse MWD, etc.)

  • XEM (Electromagnetic wave MWD)

  • LWD(Gamma, Resistivity, Neutron)

  • Gyro (Conventional and GyroMWD)

  • PZIG (survey gamma and well deviation for near bit)

  • SAGD tools

  • Downhole power tools (Mud Motors)

  • NMDC


  • flexible drill stem

PPBosun is mailnly providing directional drilling services as follows for both overseas and domectic customers:

  • Directional / horizontal wells design and field operation

  • MWD and LWD tools rental

  • GroMWD service for anti-collision

  • Casing window open and side track

  • ERW drilling

  • Cluster well drilling

  • Multi-lateral drilling

  • Complex 3D Deviation well

  • CBM “U” type intersection well

Phone: 010-8416-1508
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