The company vision:

To become a customer preferred world-class reliable oil field technical service company

The company mission:

Apply cutting-edge technology to create maximum value for customers.

Business philosophy:

Putting people first;

First class team working hard;

Standardize and improve the system management;

Fair and just competition mechanism;

Warm and friendly work environment;

Step platform to achieve your dream.

Company values:

Commitment to our customers: the best service, the best QHSE record and the highest customer satisfaction is what we strive for.

Commitment to the society: legal management company, compliance with the law, discipline and dedication to the society.

Commitment to employees: our employees will always be our core value and most valuable resource. Every hardworking and selfless employee will benefit from the success of the company.

No matter how important or urgent your work is, it is not enough to justify taking risks for yourself or others.

We advocate: honest, trustworthy, diligence and progress.

We adhere to: recognized hard work, good performance will be timely appreciated, and personal potential is maximized.

Phone: 010-8416-1508
Address:Room 1206, Block C, Building 2, Wangjing SOHO, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
Zip code: 330520
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