Workover & Completion Supervisor

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Basic Work Scope

Supervises and coordinates all operations and activities on assigned service rig to ensure safe and time completion of assigned workover programs, including preparing work schedules; directing the work of subcontractors and service companies personnel involved in various operations, maintenance and repair activities; and monitoring service rig operations costs to enhance the overall efficiency within budgeting constraints


Tasks & Duties

a)        Supervises workover/completion/well testing activities on assigned rig as required, ensuring that well programs are adhered to at each step of the operations. Directs implementation of new instructions/program details where appropriate. Continually providing feedback to Engineers, identifying abnormalities and providing recommendations for corrective action. Liaises with Completion and Production Engineers on requirements for workover/completion/well testing procedures.

b)        Plans, reviews and directs the receipt of materials and spares required for ongoing and contingent workover/completion/well testing operations on assigned rig. Includes planning requirements, reviewing and approving field requisitions for materials and consumables, directing the receipt/returns of required/excess materials to ensure availability of optimum level of materials and spares on assigned rig. Initiates requisitions for all consumables, materials, tools and equipment necessary for the smooth and safe operation of the rigs. Records stock level of items on rigs and submit status report to Completion & WO Superintendent.

c)        Supervises and give instructions to the contractor for service rig maintenance activities to ensure that all equipment is in good working condition and directs preventive and/or break down maintenance/repairs as required. Includes ensuring that all equipment are available and regularly imputed in accordance with established procedures and maintenance schedules. Approves hot and cold work permits for maintenance and repairs activities and oversees shutdown maintenance to ensure appropriate safety measures are taken and rig down time is kept to minimum levels.

d)       Coordinates in the field specific operations such as acidification, completion of new wells and unplanned voluntary shutdowns. Includes offering any assistance that may minimize production and/or enhance safety. Enforces safety regulations on assigned rig to ensure timely execution of assigned well program without prejudice to safety of assigned personnel, rig, well and reservoir. Includes supervising various emergency drills and monitoring performance of assigned crew to ensure readiness, promoting safety awareness and the practice of good housekeeping on assigned rig.

e)        Supervises and ensures the assistance and coordination with wireline operators to ensure smooth and safe wireline operations. Includes ensuring that well is secure and providing all other assistance to minimize production loss during wireline operations. Prepares equipment on wells for maintenance and ensures the equipment is safely isolated.

f)         Supervises and ensures the completion of hand-over procedures during change in shifts. Includes checking all tools, equipment, water, emergency food, safety and other materials are accounted for, all records and logs are in order and any special actions, requiring follow up are fully understood.

g)        Prepares and submits periodic (daily/weekly/monthly) reports covering service rig activities& cost reports, problems encountered and safety drills. Submit to Superintendent the daily drilling reports. Reviews and approves the comments report when appropriate and maintains accurate records of all activities carried out on assigned rig.

h)        Performs other similar or related duties such as training subordinates, ensuring maintenance of good housekeeping, carrying out proper „hand-over‟ procedures, ensuring maintenance of all tools and equipment in good working order, etc.

i)          Oversee the catering services on assigned rig to ensure conformance to Company's standards of food, hygiene and good housekeeping. Includes approving menus, inspecting employees’ accommodation quarters and discussing any deviation with the catering contractor. Ensures records are kept of third party personnel utilizing Company catering facilities to assist in billing of related costs.

j)          Work with relevant department of company for the completion & workover operation arrangement. Coordinate relevant department and personnel for the logistics requirement to ensure the well operating. Update the inventory and materials status.

Certificates Requirement

ü  Completion & Workover Supervisors certificate or related certificate by authority.

ü  International well control certificate (IADC/IWCF).

ü  "H2S" training certificate.

ü  A one month valid Health certificate, such as Heart disease or sudden disease, HIV, Hepatitis B and other communicable diseases are forbidden.

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