Rigless ( or Stimulation ) Supervisor

issuing time: 2019-03-12
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Please send your CV to us, Email: hr@ppbosun.com      


a)     Prefer Bachelor (BSc) degree certificate of petroleum engineering or higher;

b)     Valid International well control training certificate (IADC or IWCF) at Supervisor level, IWCF is perferred;

c)     Valid 'H2S' training certificate;

d)     Valid Firefighting and First Aid certificate;

e)     Valid physical health certificate (persons with disease such as cardiopathy, sudden dyspnea, HIV, Hepatitis B and other communicable diseases, etc., are unacceptable);.

f)      Age should be no more than 45years old, less than 40 years old is preffered.


a)     Minimum 8 years working experience in well intervention or stimulation operations;

b)     Minimum 5 years working experience in the positions of Rigless or Stimulation supervisor.


a)     Skillful in launching written and oral instructions of daily rigless stimulation operations in English at well location.

b)     Familiar with all the tools and equipment which are used in the rigless stimulation Operations.

c)     Capable of supervising vertical and horizontal well operations of Acidizing, Fracturing, Well test, PLT, Systematic test, gas lifting, flow back etc.

d)     Able to develop well killing sheet and procedures, and organize well control operation at site independantly.

e)     Skillful in calculation of the stimulation parameters, such as hydraulics, well killing, mud weighting, downhole pressure, annulus speed and gas immigration speed, etc.

f)      Capable of composing the stimulation Daily Report using Wellview software provided by Company.

g)     Capable of completing Final Post Job Reports and capture the lessons learnt after each operation.

h)     Fluent in oral and written English, able to have fluent communication with multicultural expat and undertake all kinds of paper work in English.

i)       Proficient in utilizing Microsoft Office software, such as EXCEL, WORD, PPT and PROJECT, etc.

j)       Demonstrate strong leadership and people management ability while supervising on-site operation.

k)     Strong organizational and time management skills, self-motivated passion to improve work efficiency with incident free operation.

l)       Ability to work in aggressive environmental condition for long hours, such as hot & dry climate, sandy ground.


a)     Fully responsible for execution of the company’s QHSE policies on site during operations.

b)     Fully responsible to supervise several activities such as  Acidizing, Fracturing, Well test, PLT, Systematic test, gas lifting, flow back while taking cost control and operation efficiency into consideration.

c)     Fully responsible for the accomplishment of the well stimulation operations objectives in compliance with the company policies and codes of practice, safety and environmental protection.

d)     Fully responsible for day-to-day optimization of activities and provision of first-line action and problem-solving in case of unexpected events under management authorities approval.

e)     Figure out potential problems and take proper action to prevent the problem from occurring.

f)      Fully responsible for the effective management of services companies equipment and personnel at well location.

g)     Initiate and issue daily site operation plan as per signed Operation Program and deliver daily operation report timely to the office.

h)     Hold operation meeting at daily basis and pre-job safety meeting with all related key personnel in wellsite.

i)       Conduct all kinds of drills on timely manner as per Company HSE policy.

j)       Update and maintain the site tools and material inventory on weekly basis

k)     Maintain good communication and collaboration with the relevant Company departments/sections and personnel for smooth well operation.

l)       Verify and confirm contractor’s workload, sign off all field tickets, and evaluate contractor’s performance at end of any operation.

m)    Launch a good well handovers from and back to Production District of Company;

n)     Initiate Final Post Job Report and complete all kinds of well reports at the end of operation as required by company managements.

o)     Optimize operation procedures, summarize lessons learnt and identify areas for continuous improvement.

p)     Compose PPT document and demonstrate a presentation to the staff of Downhole Operation Department for best practice or lessons learned.

q)     Prepare Load out Material Manifest and Return Material Manifest for each operation.

r)      Other Workload required by department managers if necessary.

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