Surface Engineering Services

Project Description

PPBosun surface engineering service department has more than 40 professional technicians, providing production operation management, engineering construction and equipment maintenance services.

PPBosun also provide personnel services such as operation manager, production supervisor, production coordinator, senior operator, senior automation engineer, piping engineer, steel structural engineer, senior equipment maintenance engineer (electromechanical instrument). Most of these people have work experience in international oil company such as ConocoPhillips, CACT, Roc oil, Newfield and so on. Or have worked for overseas projects such as South Sudan project (CNPC), Neal project, Kazakhstan project (CNPC) and others. Besides, there are Tanggu base and Middle East base supporting the maintenance services.

1. Oil & Gas Production Operation Management Service

a. Services

      Provide technic and management talents of operation and maintenance for the Oil &Gas Clients’ Gathering Station, Terminal Treatment Station and so on.

      Provide the whole package of operation and maintenance service for the Oil &Gas Clients’ Gathering Station, Terminal Treatment Station and so on.

      Provide procurement service of materials, equipment and spares.

      Provide equipment management services for the oil& gas field.

      Provide logistic support service.

b.    Experience

                     Commissioning of new facilities for oil and gas field.

 Technical preparation, including operation specification, start-up plan, etc.

 Equip with experienced technicians.

 Document preparation.

 Stuff preparation before operation.

 Facilities handover.

 Production preparation and commissioning.

Management for oil and gas field production and maintenance.

 Oil-water separation, gas-liquid separation.

 Production wastewater treatment.

 Natural gas treatment.

 Personnel and equipment management, HSE management and training.

 Integrated production operation and maintenance management for oil and gas gathering and transportation stations, CPF processing plants, etc.

 Mechanical and electrical installation.

 Installation and commissioning of central control system.

 Installation and commissioning of sewage treatment equipment.

 Manufacture and installation of metering skid, chemical skid and pump skid.

 Workshop maintenance and online maintenance for all types of diesel engines, generators, pumps and valves.

c.   Achievement

                       Production operation services of degassing station for M oilfield in south Iraq.

      • Provide production supervisor, foreman and other senior operators.

      • Formulate station operation procedures.

      • Compile Worksheets on customer's management software and supervise the execution of work orders

      • DCS central control management and maintenance.

      • Provide specification and management of HSE.

      • Provide training for the local staff.

                       Installation and commissioning services of central control system for M oilfield in south Iraq.

      • Upgrade the automation system of 9 degassing stations and install DCS system.

      • Joint debugging.

      • Put into production.

Engineering construction

Provide engineering support onshore and offshore, and engineering document consultant.

1)DCS, PLC, Fire& Gas and other control system installation and commissioning, old system upgrading service.

2)Manufacturing and installation services for chemical skid, metering skid, pump skid, wellhead control panel.

3) Installation and commissioning of single well pipes and auxiliary equipment.

4) Design, installation and commissioning of sewage treatment equipment for oil and gas fields.

5)EPC contract service.

Engineering Design Scope

a. Safety Engineering

1)Safety layout drawings.

2)Specification/ Datasheet of Safety and Fire Protection Equipment

b.Process Engineering

1)Material Selection

2)Equipment Sizing

3)Equipment and Instrument Data Sheets

4)Line Sizing and Hydraulic Calculations

5)PSV and Control Valve Sizing

6)Flare and Blow Down

c.Mechanical Engineering

            1)Prepare detailed engineering deliverables.

            2)Equipment Requisitions

            3)Equipment mechanical data sheets

            4)Equipment list, mechanical general specifications

            5)Equipment particular specifications, etc.

            6)Prepare Requisitions for Equipment and technical package documents

            7)Preparing Technical Bid Evaluations (TBEs) and updating of package documents

            8)Review and incorporate Certified Critical Vendor Data from Vendors

            9)Incorporate Certified Critical Vendor Data into the design

          10)Materials Handling Study

          11)Procurement Support

          12)Develop the mechanical equipment list for project use

          13)Develop preliminary HVAC layout design.

d. Piping Engineering and Layout Design

1)Pipe Specifications

2)Pipe Stressing

3)Plant Layout

4)Specialty Piping Items

e. Electrical Engineering and Design

1)Data Sheets and Specifications

2)Hazardous Area Design

3)Electrical (& Instrument) Equipment Rooms

4)Heat tracing requirements

5)General light and power design including ladder layouts, cable routing and equipment locations.

6)Calculations for cable sizing, lighting illumination levels, and earthing system.

7)Preparation of system block diagrams, cable schedules, and schematic termination diagrams

8)Procurement Support

f.Civil/Structural Engineering

1)Steel structural.

2)Civil design.

3)Specifications for structural materials, fabrication and welding

4)Transportation, installation and lifting assessments

5)Design calculations

6)Design reports


1)Data Sheets and Specifications

2)Instrument Cabling

3)Instrument tie-in

4)Procurement Support

5)Telecommunications Data Sheets and Specifications

6)Telecommunication equipment list

7)Cable schedule for Telecommunications

h. Drawings

1)Systems block diagrams

2)Cable layout and routing drawings

3)Interconnection drawings

4)Earthing schematics

Equipment maintenance service

1)Provide workshop maintenance services for all types of pumps such as fire pumps, pneumatic or electric pumps.

2)Workshop maintenance and on-site maintenance service of X-mas tree.

3)Workshop maintenance and on-site maintenance service for various valves such as automatic control valves, shut-off valves, ball valves and butterfly valves.

4)On-site maintenance service for diesel engines and generators.

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