Completion & Workover Services

Project Description

Based on customer requirements, PPB well completion team as leader can provide overall completion and workover engineering design, completion tool and technical service, liner hanger and technical service, wellhead and technical service, ESP pump and technical service, oilfield stimulation technical service, workover service. We have combined our capabilities within Multilateral Technology, completion tools and liner hanger to offer the best possible solutions for the life of the well and the reservoir - in other words, to help operators maximize well performance to lower their cost. The company introduces high-end and leading products in the industry, combining quality service and local experience to face challenges together with customers. 


PPB completion has a high quality engineer team, with a college degree from the domestic and international well-known oil companies and service companies, fluent English, familiar with international and domestic company operation procedure, and safety regulations, provide a high level of design and high quality technical service.


PPB has experience in providing wellhead, site installation and maintenance services in Bohai bay. Experience in providing submersible electric pump and other completion services in Iraq oil field; Experience in tight gas multi-stage fracturing service in China.

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